Who am I?

My name is Dan Scalco, and in addition to founding a successful digital marketing company, I’ve worked with clients of all sizes in almost every industry, to get them amazing results. Want to learn what I can do for you? Keep reading…

What I Offer

“Working with Dan has been a great experience! He’s incredibly nice and always provides me with great feedback. He is, without a doubt, one of the best people I’ve worked for. I highly recommend him and his company.”
– Lara, Professional Blogger
“We have been working with Dan for less than a year and already have seen outstanding results in our SEO with the efforts he has put in place. His work ethic and knowledge of digital marketing are of the highest quality.”
– Armand, Marketing Director
“As a fellow SEO practitioner, Dan really knows his stuff in the space. He understands all the nuances for effective, long-term SEO and really focuses on not only delivering value his clients, but also his clients’ clients.”
– Katrishia, SEO Consultant

Why Choose Me?

I have helped increase leads for businesses in almost every industry imaginable. How? My strategies are much different than many other consultants and digital agencies out there. Here’s what makes me different…